Rev. Rash has been invited to attend the Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising, sponsored by The Lake Institute, November 5-8 in Durham, NC. This is a highly sought after certificate that requires a major project for the year following the classes.  ECRF is designed to provide high quality leaders to help churches grow generous stewards. It is supported by the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, who makes the award.

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Stewardship:  It's Not What You Think...

        ...It's What You Believe...and Do!


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 "I believe every Christian should provide for a tithe of their estate to their church. Imagine what a powerful engine this could be for mission and ministry in our churches!"

- Rev. David A. Rash

a little About Stewardship Matters


Stewardship Matters of Virginia is a one-person ministry provided by Rev. David A. Rash, a retired United Methodist pastor, with a desire for all churches to develop generous and faithful disciples of Jesus Christ,  by providing hope and encouragement to churches in this aspect of vital Christian ministry.

Based in Waynesboro, Virginia, Rev. David Rash provides workshops, seminars, consulting and speaking opportunities throughout the country.

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Consulting with a Purpose.

Local church stewardship is a matter of Christian spirituality and our walk with God. It is not about a church’s budget, but what God is calling us to do as an appropriate response to His love and grace. Trusting in God provides empowerment.  Too often we focus on how poor and weak we are and we lose focus on God’s rich abundance and our ability.

Over thirty years of ministry has convinced me that God’s plan for our stewardship is a marvellous and wonderful gift – if only we will follow it. As a result, I am actively consulting with churches, districts and clergy on these timely matters with the intent of bringing encouragement and hope for the building up of the church.  Contact me.

Reverend    David A. Rash



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Disclaimer: While I am a pastor, now retired, with a love for God and for Christ’s Holy Church, I am not an attorney nor a professional certified financial advisor, nor a professional fund-raiser. If I were, most churches could not afford me. What I bring is years of experience as a local church pastor, greater than average reading and education in these matters, and a desire is to help churches develop faithful and generous stewards and for Christians to be better money managers.